House red please


Recently, my wife and I were invited to a friends wine tasting party. It was fun because they made a game out of it. They had 10 bottles of red, 10 bottles of white covered to hide their identity and numbered. You received a card and had to match the wines listed on the card with the numbered bottle of wine. My wife and I love to go to nice restaurants and had sampled at least one of every type of wine listed on the cards, so we thought we had a really good chance of winning the game. Turns out, we only got one right, and that was to correctly identify the port. 🙂 I was sure I had 16-17 right on the card. So much for being a wine connoisseur. This experience taught me a valuable lesson. When going out to eat now, I’ll only buy the cheapest wine on the list. Kind or year doesn’t matter. I won’t know the difference.

Fake Steve unmasked!

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I was broken hearted today. The Fake Steve Jobs has been unmasked. I was kinda hoping it was the “real” Steve Jobs. I mean, what a great way it would have been for him to say whatever the hell he wanted without it harming himself or his company. You knew Fake Steve was biased towards Apple, so you wouldn’t have the rickardtards screaming astroturfing.

When I started this blog, I thought about naming it the “Fake Bill Burke” blog, so I could have full freedom to say whatever I wanted. But the problem would have been people thinking, “This is Bill Burke being his phony self, not somebody impersonating Bill Burke.” Also, my biases are so well documented, people would have known it was me. Finally, and most importantly, I have enough trouble getting people to read stuff from the “real” Bill Burke since most people don’t know who the hell Bill Burke is. In fact, if you do a Google Search, you’ll see that the “real”, real, Bill Burke is much more interesting than I am.

New preformatted style


This is for all you WordPress blog users.  The preformatted text style of my blog theme was awful.  It was hard to read so I started cycling through the WordPress themes to find a better one.  The “Freshy” them had the best style, but I don’t like any other style point of it.  I didn’t know CSS, but was able to steal the preformatted text and add it it to this blog’s CSS template.

pre,code {
font:1em 'Courier New', Courier, Fixed, monospace;
background:#fff url('/wp-content/themes/pub/freshy/images/preback.jpg') no-repeat left top;
border:1px solid #99cc66;
margin:1em 0;
padding:0 20px 0 30px;

Well there it is.  This was my first taste of touching a CSS template.  Hey, I actually learned something!

I am spam update…

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Well, so much for being angry with Google.  They reinstated my blog there after 24 hours.  WordPress is fine though.  Staying here.

I am spam


I am *really* angry at Google today. Went to expand on a couple of blogs I had in the works on Google Blogger, only to receive this message when I got there:

Possible Blogger Terms of Service Violations

This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is currently unpublished. You can view your blog’s posts here in Blogger, but you may not make any changes.

My entire 2 week old blog was shut down. Was this some conspiracy by the Rod Johnson lovers at Google to silence me? Or maybe thousands of readers flagged me as blasphemous to the Spring movement? Unfortunately, life isn’t so exciting. Everybody knows I have zero credibility anyways and everybody pretty much ignores me.

No the real reason is that Google spam-bots have targeted my blogspot blog as spam. *sarcasm* Imagine that? Isn’t that the most hilarious ironic thing? Sure, made me a little depressed. Here I thought I was putting out some real content. /cry /sniffle /whine. This whole incident makes me think I should change the name of my blog to “I am spam”. Naah….I like being angry and spam tastes like shit.

Anyways, I waited all day to see if Google would resolve the problem. They haven’t so eff-them, hello wordpress. The move to wordpress was entirely seemless. They have a Google importer. Even imported my drafts. I don’t like the choice of themes very much, but they do have blog statistics.

Why Angry Bill?

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The Real Angry Bill is a celebrity caller on WEEI 850am sports talk radio in Boston. Pathologically incoherent he is infamous for being annoying, always negative with “mood swings that rival Manny Ramirez’s home run swings.” I thought this title for my blog was appropriate as I can be pretty annoying and incoherent on the sport-talk-show tech equivalent, The Server I can be as passionate about tech, open source, and professional open source as I am about my sports teams. Hopefully I can aim to be a little more coherent in this blog, stir up a little controversy and heated arguments now and then, but also provide information and insight into some of the open source projects I work on.

Orignally, Marvin, from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was my mascot, and “The Paranoid Android” the title of my blog, but, to be blunt, that was kinda gay. Honestly, I never even read the book, only saw the movie. No, Angry Bill fits me much better.

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