I am *really* angry at Google today. Went to expand on a couple of blogs I had in the works on Google Blogger, only to receive this message when I got there:

Possible Blogger Terms of Service Violations

This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is currently unpublished. You can view your blog’s posts here in Blogger, but you may not make any changes.

My entire 2 week old blog was shut down. Was this some conspiracy by the Rod Johnson lovers at Google to silence me? Or maybe thousands of readers flagged me as blasphemous to the Spring movement? Unfortunately, life isn’t so exciting. Everybody knows I have zero credibility anyways and everybody pretty much ignores me.

No the real reason is that Google spam-bots have targeted my blogspot blog as spam. *sarcasm* Imagine that? Isn’t that the most hilarious ironic thing? Sure, made me a little depressed. Here I thought I was putting out some real content. /cry /sniffle /whine. This whole incident makes me think I should change the name of my blog to “I am spam”. Naah….I like being angry and spam tastes like shit.

Anyways, I waited all day to see if Google would resolve the problem. They haven’t so eff-them, hello wordpress. The move to wordpress was entirely seemless. They have a Google importer. Even imported my drafts. I don’t like the choice of themes very much, but they do have blog statistics.