I was broken hearted today. The Fake Steve Jobs has been unmasked. I was kinda hoping it was the “real” Steve Jobs. I mean, what a great way it would have been for him to say whatever the hell he wanted without it harming himself or his company. You knew Fake Steve was biased towards Apple, so you wouldn’t have the rickardtards screaming astroturfing.

When I started this blog, I thought about naming it the “Fake Bill Burke” blog, so I could have full freedom to say whatever I wanted. But the problem would have been people thinking, “This is Bill Burke being his phony self, not somebody impersonating Bill Burke.” Also, my biases are so well documented, people would have known it was me. Finally, and most importantly, I have enough trouble getting people to read stuff from the “real” Bill Burke since most people don’t know who the hell Bill Burke is. In fact, if you do a Google Search, you’ll see that the “real”, real, Bill Burke is much more interesting than I am.