Recently, my wife and I were invited to a friends wine tasting party. It was fun because they made a game out of it. They had 10 bottles of red, 10 bottles of white covered to hide their identity and numbered. You received a card and had to match the wines listed on the card with the numbered bottle of wine. My wife and I love to go to nice restaurants and had sampled at least one of every type of wine listed on the cards, so we thought we had a really good chance of winning the game. Turns out, we only got one right, and that was to correctly identify the port. 🙂 I was sure I had 16-17 right on the card. So much for being a wine connoisseur. This experience taught me a valuable lesson. When going out to eat now, I’ll only buy the cheapest wine on the list. Kind or year doesn’t matter. I won’t know the difference.