The Real Angry Bill is a celebrity caller on WEEI 850am sports talk radio in Boston. Pathologically incoherent he is infamous for being annoying, always negative with “mood swings that rival Manny Ramirez’s home run swings.” I thought this title for my blog was appropriate as I can be pretty annoying and incoherent on the sport-talk-show tech equivalent, The Server I can be as passionate about tech, open source, and professional open source as I am about my sports teams. Hopefully I can aim to be a little more coherent in this blog, stir up a little controversy and heated arguments now and then, but also provide information and insight into some of the open source projects I work on.

Orignally, Marvin, from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was my mascot, and “The Paranoid Android” the title of my blog, but, to be blunt, that was kinda gay. Honestly, I never even read the book, only saw the movie. No, Angry Bill fits me much better.