This is the thrid release of JBoss’s JSR-311, JAX-RS, Restful Web Services implementation. Nothing special in this release, just a lot of bug fixes the community found as well as more spec-feature complete. We have some more things coming down the pipe in the next month, so stay tuned!

Links to where to download, post user questions, and our documentation are all available on our WIKI.

Release Notes – Resteasy – Version Beta3


  • [RESTEASY-25] – mime property types ignored when matching resource methods to requests
  • [RESTEASY-26] – MessageBodyWriter matching should use the entity class, not the method’s reflected return type.
  • [RESTEASY-27] – Resource Locators should be dynamically processed


  • [RESTEASY-6] – Implement all methods with decode parameter within UriInfo
  • [RESTEASY-20] – Suport for