I finally got around to creating a new release for the next rev of our JAX-RS, Java RESTful Web Services, implementation. This release targets the 0.7 release of the JAX-RS specification. There’s a still a few features I haven’t implemented yet, but hope to get them out soon as the spec starts to solidify. Especially new in this release is a new embeddable container so you can run things within junit tests, or just serve up a small restful web service from your classpath. We’ve been using this embeddable container to unit test our implementation and finally made it available to the masses.

Check out our project page or download the new release.

Release Notes – Resteasy – Version Beta2


  • [RESTEASY-1] – DefaultPlainText.MessageBodyWriter should not write anything (arrays especially)
  • [RESTEASY-2] – If Response has set Content-Type, then that content type should be used
  • [RESTEASY-9] – Subresources erroneously considered as root resources
  • [RESTEASY-17] – Spec mandates supporting MultivaluedMap for form-urlencoded media types
  • [RESTEASY-18] – @QueryParam should not return x-www-form-urlencoded parameters
  • [RESTEASY-24] – WebApplicationException and http status codes

Feature Request


  • [RESTEASY-4] – Implement variants
  • [RESTEASY-13] – Support @Context field injection
  • [RESTEASY-14] – Support @Context injeciton of HttpServletRequest/Response
  • [RESTEASY-16] – Support injection of javax.ws.rs.core.SecurityContext
  • [RESTEASY-19] – Support for StreamingOutput
  • [RESTEASY-23] – Integration test for SecurityContext