Solar Powered iPhone

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This has got to be the coolest mobile phone accessory ever



Resteasy 2.3-Beta-1 Released


I don’t usually make a lot of noise about a beta release, but there’s some new security features I’d like everybody to test drive (along with a bunch of bug fixes).  Also, there’s a few backward incompatibilities to be aware of.  New features?

  • SMIME integration.  You can now send/receive SMIME encrypted and/or signed messages over HTTP.  This is great if you have the requirement of encrypting message bodies.
  • Subresource locator support for client proxy framework. Thanks Peter Murray for this!
  • Jackson 1.8.5 upgrade

As always, to download and see documentation follow the links from our website.  Take a look at our Jira release notes.  You might also want to check out the Migration guide to view what has broken as far as backward compatibility.

I like my iPad


Got an iPad delivered last Friday.  I didn’t get the 3g one.  I haven’t been too happy with AT&T’s data network.  I like the iPad.  Its great for browsing the web at breakfast.  What I bought it for really was for reading books.  I read like 5+ trashy sci-fi/fantasy books a month and my home office is starting to be overflowed with paperbacks.  The iPad seemed like a better solution over the kindle as, a) it wasn’t much more b) I probably will find other uses for it.  I must say, reading from the iPad is 10 times better than reading from a book.  Its easier to hold.  I can make the font bigger.  Built-in nightlight.  Automatically remembers where I was in book.  I think I would pay to subscribe to magazines and local newspapers that had an interface designed for the iPad, especially if the content could be delivered electronically so you could view it offline.

Polling styles show difference between Coakley and Brown


I don’t know if you’ve been following Massachusetts politics, but there is a run-off election for the deceased senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy between Martha Coakley and Scott Brown.  I’ve been telephoned twice, once by each candidate’s supporters.  I think the difference in how these polls were conducted tell you a lot about the candidates.

Scott Brown’s poll:

It was automated and voice-recognition driven.   A long series of questions were asked before the final “Who will you vote for?” question.  Questions like “Does abortion affect who you will vote for?”, “Do you support a health bill that will add trillions in debt to our country?” “Do you believe in fiscal responsibility for our govt?”.  Very slick…

Marth Coakley’s call:

It was a person who first states “I’m from the Martha Coakley campaign”.  She asked if I knew there was an election on Tuesday and if I was going to vote.  She asked if I knew where the poll was.  She asked if any voting members of my family needed a ride to the poll and gave me a number to call if I didn’t have a ride.  That was it.  There was no “Who will you vote for?”  Nothing else.

If you’re a MA resident, I hope you vote on Tuesday.  Its a pretty important election no matter what side of the fence you sit on.

Announcing a new distributed computing paradigm: ULSER


I’m pleased to announce a new distributed effort named ULSER.  ULSER stands for a set of uncompromisable architectural principles, specifically:

  • Uniform constrained interface.
  • Links as the engine of application state
  • Statelessness for scalability
  • Enterprise applicable
  • Resource and representation oriented

Why call it ULSER?  Well, even though these architectural principles are extremely useful to design distributed applications (and middleware), I’ve found that discussing any of these  principles publicly have given me (and others) an ulcer.   So, I thought I’d make these principles my own and let others share the pain.  I’m also going to create a set of standards called ULSER-*.  ULSER-*.org will focus on bringing ULSER principles to middleware technology.  Since middleware generally produces ulcers in engineers I think the name is perfect!  I’ve also created an open source Java project called EasyULSER so that you can let Java give you an ulcer too!

Also, don’t worry, I’ve deliberated with the doctor who discovered ulcers and coined the term “ulcer”.  He didn’t mind me using the term as long as what I’m doing will cause me an ulcer.  The ulcer community didn’t seem to mind either as when I tried to explain to them the principles of ULSER and how I’m using them, it gave them an ulcer too, so they were happy.  So, it looks like we’re ready to go!  ONWARD!

RESTEasy 1.2.RC1 Released

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We’re getting ready to release 1.2.GA.  This is a release candidate that fixes a bunch of outstanding bugs and reorganizes the project a little bit as well.  It is strongly suggested you take a look at the migration guide because a few pieces of RESTEasy have been refactored into separate Maven modules.

All links to documentation and downloads are available at the RESTEasy Project Website.

The Dali Lama is a Pats fan

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Saw this in the Boston Globe today.  The Dali Lama is a pats fan!


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