Got an iPad delivered last Friday.  I didn’t get the 3g one.  I haven’t been too happy with AT&T’s data network.  I like the iPad.  Its great for browsing the web at breakfast.  What I bought it for really was for reading books.  I read like 5+ trashy sci-fi/fantasy books a month and my home office is starting to be overflowed with paperbacks.  The iPad seemed like a better solution over the kindle as, a) it wasn’t much more b) I probably will find other uses for it.  I must say, reading from the iPad is 10 times better than reading from a book.  Its easier to hold.  I can make the font bigger.  Built-in nightlight.  Automatically remembers where I was in book.  I think I would pay to subscribe to magazines and local newspapers that had an interface designed for the iPad, especially if the content could be delivered electronically so you could view it offline.