I enjoyed being “Angry Bill” for awhile, but I think it has run its course.  Really, its not because any grief I’ve got at Red Hat or within the Java community.  It all has to do with my family.  I actually get a lot of crap for “Angry Bill”.  My wife uses it to ridicule me.  My paranoid mother (you know how mothers are) thinks some crazy on the internet is going to take too much offense and seek to do me bodily harm.  When my wife and extended family started calling me “Angry Bill” instead of Bill, I knew it was time to make a change.

So, what to change it too?  Doing a play around Hani‘s nickname for me, Bill Berk, is a thought.  From wikipedia:

  • Berk, slang for an idiot
  • Berk, rhyming slang for Cunt

Idiot and Cunt pretty much sum up my major contributions to the open source Java community.  Yet, a play around Berk is still too much of the same thing as “Angry Bill” was already a metaphor for the same adjectives.  If you knew who The Real Angry Bill was you’d understand that I was making fun of myself by naming my blog “Angry Bill”.  Besides, I’m scared that people will actually start thinking my real name is Bill Berk and not Bill Burke.  Now that would be a catastrophe 😉

I could be really boring and name it “Burke Central, Bill Burke’s tech blog”.  Or maybe “Tech Tailgate”?  “Bill’s Blog” sounds kinda corny, but catchy.  Or how about “Mr. Bill‘s Blog, Oh Nooooo! Mr. Bill talks tech”