I’m annoyed today. Seems my Go Away Ruby blog has some people thinking that I wrote it to discredit Ruby because I believed RoR is a threat to JBoss. Andy Oliver wrote:

“Ruby was his target, probably because of a perceived (though wrongly so in my opinion) threat to JBoss’s still flagship JBossAS.”

Savio recently linked to my blog in this quote:

“If RoR is such a threat, why are other Java app server vendors β€œdoing okayβ€œ?”

Does he think I think RoR is a threat as well? This particular Savio quote was referencing a hilarious quote from a Reuter analyst:

“Chowdhry of Global Equities Research said the prospects for JBoss were dim because its software was designed to work with the Java programming language.

He said Java was losing market share as businesses embrace Ruby, a programming language that is easier to use and works with an open-source rival to JBoss known as Ruby on Rails.”

PHP, Perl, and Python have been around as long or longer than Ruby and RoR, have larger libraries, more applications, and a larger user base. So does that mean an even a closer death for Java and JBoss? Heiko Braun had a funny comment on an internal JBoss mail list:

You see Bill what happens when promoting REST?

Seriously guys, can’t I have an opinion on anything? Maybe its just that I don’t like Ruby or RoR, ya think? It can’t be that simple can it? There has to be some JBoss conspiracy. I just have to be one of Rickard’s evil aliens. Or as Bobby Boucher‘s mother would say, “Bill Burke is the devil.”