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Got to see Bill DeCoste this week at DevNation and we relived some of our Superbowl memories. Here’s some pix

Ring ceremony was awhile ago, but I just love this picture.  The guy has 6 bleeping rings!  BTW, somebody asked me if I was at this ring ceremony…LOL!  NO!  I just love this picture I found of Vince and Bill!

Worst fans in the league

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New England Patriots Fans Suck!

As a 20 year season ticket holder, in my experience, Pats fans are the worst fans in the league.  They leave early, they are not loud.  They boo the team with even the slightest mistake.  You even get yelled at sometimes for standing up and making noise for the Defense.  The drunken “pink hats” are often screaming Brady’s name when the Pats are on offense.  The worst culprits are the premium seat wusses who empty their seats even it is marginally cold or sprinkling a little.  Seems people are more interested in getting wasted, impressing their girlfriend, getting on the big screen, getting on TV, and/or beating the traffic instead of watching the game.  It sickens me.  The best part of going to the games is that I get to spend time with my father and sister.  Sometime in the far future when he is unable to attend games, I’ll seriously consider giving up my tickets and watch games on TV instead.

That being said, I am ashamed of myself as I am one of these shitty Pats fans.   At the end of the Saints game, we were guilty of leaving our seats after Brady threw his interception in the final 2 minutes.  As we were crossing the bridge, we saw that the Pats would get the ball back, so we ended up going to the standing-room only area in the endzone and watching the final drive on the big screen.  Was still a cool experience, but I wish we had never left our seats.  I WILL NEVER LEAVE MY SEATS AGAIN!  I PROMISE!

Media perception vs. reality

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Yesterday I read that Bill Belichick did an exclusive interview with CBS.  I first heard about the interview through  this Associated Press summary.  Reading the summary I was like “What the hell?  Belichick are you an idiot?”  From the format of the AP story, and the CBS preview, it sounded like Belichick was a bitter man not taking the high road and attacking his attacker.  I thought, damn, why the hell did the guy talk and make himself look worse?

I thought that until this morning when CBS News finally linked the whole interview on their website.  When you watch the whole interview, you see an even-keeled, forthright, sincere Belichick.  Not the raving madman portrayed in the AP summary.  Its amazing how as the media, if you want to portray somebody in a certain way, it is really really easy to take a few words from their statements to portray the image and story you want.  Facts, reality, be damned.   It is the way of things which is why I personally try to find out the facts themselves rather than reading any  one independent analysis or report.

One thing that I really pulled out of the article was that Belichick said they have video of Walsh taking video.  That he was in plain view and wearing patriots gear.  That they were being obvious and non-discrete.  That in even one video, a taped coach of another team waved to the camera.  Add this statement to the fact that stealing signals is not illegal in the NFL, and you start to get an entirely different picture of what the ESPN’s, Peter Kings, and Spectre’s of the world want you to think.

Spygate == Vaporgate

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I listened a lot to the Spygate controversy this week on the radio and TV. Yes, I’m a biased Patriots fan, but my opinion of the whole thing dramatically changed after listening to Goodell’s press conference, the Boston Herald retracting the walk-thru tape story, and John Tomase officially apologizing for printing the story. Let’s review some things I learned anew this week:

Fact #1: It is illegal to have cameras in unauthorized places. THAT’S IT! No more no less. Go re-read the rule.
Fact #2: It is NOT illegal to steal signals. Goodell said as much.

According to NFL policy, it is permissible to scout people’s coaching signals, and as you know, clubs go to great lengths to protect those.”

Fact #3: It was NOT illegal for Matt Walsh to see the walkthru or tell anybody about it. Again, re-read Goodell’s statements.

Until this week, I didn’t know Fact #2 and #3 were true. So, what the Patriots are *really* guilty of is using a camera in an un-authorized place. (They are actually allowed to use cameras in authroized places, again, go read the rules). When you put it in that perspective, how trivial is this whole thing? Pretty….

If the media hadn’t made such a big deal out of this, the Patriots would probably have lost at most a 3rd/4th round pick, about as stiff of a penalty as your Superbowl winning Broncos, who CHEATED on the salary cap, not once, but twice.

Where’s the outrage?

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It’s amazing to me the attention and outrage expressed against Bill Belichick and the Patriots for Spygate when there’s much more serious cheating going on in the NFL.  I mean, Belichick gets lynched for taping a team to figure out its tendencies.  A practice that I sincerely believe Belichick thought was a grey area in the rules.  Anyways, that’s what coaches are paid to do, analyze film to gauge a team’s tendencies.

In comparison, we have a multitude of other teams tampering with free agency.  For example, the 49er’s were recently penalized a 5th round draft pick for tampering with the Bear’s Lance Briggs in free agency.  The quality of players (or lack thereof) has a much more dramatic affect on the outcome of a game than whether or not a coach can crack an opposing team’s defensive signals.  How about the Patriot’s 2006 season?  Remember the Dion Branch fiasco when the Patriots were basically forced to trade their best receiver away at the beginning of the season?  Where was the outrage, outside of New England, when the Jets tampered with Dion Branch?  The 2006 AFC championship game against the Colts was so close one play could have changed the outcome of the game.  Ya think having Branch would have made a difference?  No, not at all  ;).

It doesn’t stop with free agency tampering.  Numerous teams have also violated the salary cap.  Those same 49ers were penalized $400000 for violating the cap in Steve Young and Brent Jone’s contracts.  The same Steve Young who lambasted Belichick and the Patriots on ESPN.  Its not just the 49ers.  The Broncos were penalized, not once, but twice for salary cap violations.  The first was in regards to John Elway’s contract.  Should the Broncos also have an asterix next to their superbowl victories?  Where was the outrage?   Spectre, where are you?  Oh, I forgot, you’re a senator from Pennsylvania, not one from Georgia or Wisconsin.

All and all, I’m fine with the Patriots getting punished by the commissioner.  What I’m not fine with is the Patriots being treated as a special case by the media and the fans.  I want to see equal outrage against other teams that violate the rules, equal press coverage.  Its only fair that fans in San Francisco, New York, and Denver experience similar humiliation and witch hunts.

I feel responsible for Pats loss


I just found out some information that for some reason makes me feel responsible for the Patriots loss. Know who Plaxico (Giant’s wide receiver who caught game winning touchdown) Burress’s QB was in college? BILL BURKE! Yes, this is not a misprint Bill BLEEPIN Burke!!! Check out this article I found on a game Bill Burke and Plaxico played together in college.

Well, it seems Mr. Burke beat Michigan to remain undefeated at the time. Guess who was the Michigan QB? YUP, FREAKIN TOM BRADY!!!! I almost shit my pants.

Know how I found out about this?  Well, I was looking at my blog stats and found that somebody had found my site by searching “Bill Burke vs. Tom Brady”.  I was like WTF would somebody do a search like that?  Lo and behold….

Best Pats games I’ve been to


In honor of the Patriots 18-0, one to go, season and Superbowl XLII, I thought I’d reminisce a bit. Tailgating at the AFC championship game last week, my dad and I were trying to come up with the top five, top ten, best Patriots games we’ve ever seen live. Really, when you’ve been a season ticket holder for 15 seasons, most of the games blur into one another. The one’s that actually stand out are the ones that are the best. Here’s my top ten, in ascending order, least favorite to favorite. Remember, these are games I was actually at. This list would be very different if it was a combined games I was at and watched on TV.

#10. September 9th, 2004. Patriots vs. Colts, regular season. 27-24

This was the season opener after the Pats 2nd Super Bowl victory. These games are cool because they have a big, Super Bowl like, ceremony before the game unveiling the banner. The game itself was a little ugly. The best was Vanderjerk missing the tieing field goal at the end of the game.

#9. October 14th, 2001. Patriots vs. Chargers, regular season. 29-26 in overtime

Flutie was San Diego’s starting quarterback. This was the game when you knew we had something special in Tom Brady. The Pats came back from I think a 10 point deficit in the 4th quarter to beat the Chargers in overtime. Adam Vinateri kicked the game ending kick. One of many that season.

#8. January 18th, 2004. Patriots vs. Colts, AFC championship. 24-14

This was the first playoff matchup between the Pats and Colts. Corey Dillon was a beast that day. Brady threw a late 4th quarter interception that made the game a lot closer than it really was. After this game Bill Polian, the Colts GM, complained to the rule committee in the offseason about the physical play of Patriot’s corners and got a rule change. Scumbag. If you can’t win, change the rules. What a putz. I’d much rather break rules that are stupid and be called a cheater than to use personal power to change the rules in my favor. In my mind, this action was far far worse than Cameragate.

#7. January 10th, 2004. Patriots vs. Titans, divisional playoff. 17-14

The game was kinda boring. What was memorable was the temperature. This was a night game in January. The temperature was 0 F degrees (that’s very negative for all you Celsius guys). We tailgated before the game in T-Shirts. What?!?! T-Shirts? Well, my dad brought a propane heater which we put under a canopy. We tied a hug plastic tarp around the canopy to keep the heat in. What was funny was that when you were standing it was incredibly toasty. I was wearing a T-shirt. But, if you sat down, you froze your ass off. During the game, I remember this guy sitting next to me bring 2 beers to his seat. Halfway through his first beer, it became frozen. The other one was frozen as well. What a waste of $15 for the dude. I stayed with hot chocolate that game. Stayed pretty warm until about the end of the 4th quarter. The lesson of this game, as a fan, was survival.

#6. November 13, 1994. Patriots vs. Vikings, regular season. 26-20 in overtime

The Patriots were 3-6 on that date and it looked like yet another year of no playoffs with a losing season. The Patriots, under Drew Bledsoe came back from a deficit to beat the Vikings at home in overtime. In this game, Bledsoe threw an NFL record for passes and completions. The Pats went on to win their next 6 games to launch themselves into the playoffs.

#5. September 9th, 2002. Patriots vs. Steelers, regular season. 30-14

This was the season opener after the Patriots 1st Super Bowl victory. This game was incredible for two reasons. One, they had a huge ceremony before the game showing a video made by the players on the big screen. When they unfurled the Pats 1st Superbowl banner, the place went nuts. I have never-ever heard Gillette stadium be that loud and this was *BEFORE* the game! You just knew there was no way the Patriots were going to lose that game. The second reason? Well, if you remember, the Pats had beaten the Steelers in the AFC championship game. The Steelers talked a lot of smack after that game saying that they lost to an inferior team, that the Pats were lucky, that if they played again, the Steelers would definitely win. (BTW, this is what half the teams said about the Pats all year long after they lost to them). The Pats absolutely destroyed the Steelers in that game. Throughout the game, to get the fans psyched up (like they needed it at all), the would put Kordell Stewart’s press conference on the big screen where he talked smack about the Pats. Kordell was heckled throughout the game. Cool stuff.

#4. December 21st, 1996. Patriots at Giants,. 23-22

This game was not at Foxboro, but in NYC at the Meadowlands. It was the last game of the 1996 season. The Patriots needed a win to clinche a 1st round bye. IIRC, the Pats were down 22-3 (or something) going into the 4th quarter of that game. Dave Megget ran back a punt return. The pivotal play was the Pats last score to go ahead. Ben Coates received a Drew Bledsoe pass at about the 2-3 yard line of the Giants. Coates was met by 2-3 Giants defenders, but would not go down. Pushing, driving a mass of players came together like a Rugby scrum until Coates was pushed into the endzone. I went nuts. I had endzone seats that game in the same endzone Coates scored. I was wearing my old Pats jacket and was receiving constant flack from Giants fans the entire game. When Coates I was jumping, screaming and yelling with joy with tears in my eyes, hugging one of my friends. When I finally stopped rejoicing I looked around me to see the whole section staring at me angrily. It was a special moment. 🙂

#3. January 5th, 1997. Patriots vs. Steelers, divisional playoff game. 28-3

This game was the year the Pats went to Superbowl XXXI. It was a very very strange day. We had gotten a bunch of snow the week before. That day, however, the temperature was very warm. 50’s or 60’s or something, IIRC? It was very cloudy, and intensely foggy. In the opening game ceremonies, they had fireworks to go along with the national anthem. It was so foggy that combined with the smoke from the fireworks, you could see nothing. I have endzone seats and the fog was so bad you couldn’t see past mid-field. There were two plays that were memorable to me. The 1st was the 1st offensive snap by the Pats. Drew Bledsoe threw a bomb to Terry Glenn and the route was on. The 2nd play was a 70 yard touchdown run by Curtis Martin. I remember him breaking threw the defensive line and sprinting down the field. He disappeared into the fog at about the 50 yard line. My dad and I didn’t know he scored until we heard the cheers of the fans and the scoreboard change.

#2. January 16h, 2005. Patriots vs. Colts, divisional playoff game. 20-3

Another game where the national media picked the Colts to defeat the Patriots. With less than one minute to go in the game, the Colts were driving down the field to try to salvage some dignity after being held to 3 points the entire game. Not one person in the stands had left on this cold January day. Gillete was actually the 2nd loudest I have ever heard it. Bruschi was going crazy. Usually, linebackers are lined up in position before the snap. Bruschi was running sideline to sideline jumping and flapping his arms to get the fans even more riled up. Nobody wanted the Colts to score even one more point. They didn’t. Rodney Harrison intercepted a Manning pass in the endzone to really finish the game.

#1. January 19th, 2002. Patriots vs. Raiders, divisional playoff game. 16-13 in overtime

This is a classic I wish they would replay in its entirety on NFL Network. This game was at night in the Patriots Superbowl XXXVI run during a N’oreaster. (Severe New England blizzard). This was the most intense tailgating experience we had ever had. This guy Jason we tailgated with brought lobster and fried up an entire turkey. Delicious! The snow was coming down hard the entire game. When the famous Tuck Rule happened where it looked like Brady had fumbled, but really didn’t, my whole section had gathered up their things and starting walking up the stairs to leave the stadium. We couldn’t believe it could end like that. But wait! It didn’t. Review from the booth! The rest was history. Much like the fog game, (but not even as close as bad), it was hard to see things past the 50 yard line. Vinateri’s 45 yard tieing field goal to send the game into overtime was a kick I did not see. The snow was coming down too hard. Had to listen for the roar of the fans to know had scored. I was lucky enough to have the game winning kick in our endzone. Took us forever to get out of the parking lots that night, but nobody cared.

    What? No Superbowls in this list? Yeah, unfortunately I’ve never been to a Superbowl. You are not guaranteed seats as a season ticket holder. Instead you are placed in a lottery. In the 5 Superbowls the Pats have been to in the last 15 years, I have yet to win it (including this year). What? I didn’t scalp tickets? Go to or a similar site and see how much they cost. Anyways, I’m not bitter. I have a lot of great memories. I hope to see the Pats set NFL history with the first perfect 19-0 season.

    JBoss to be rebranded


    RALEIGH, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Red Hat (NYSE: RHTNews), the worlds leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that their JBoss division which they acquired for $350 million dollars back in June, 2006, will undergo a complete rebranding of their product line. JBoss will be rebranded to JMoss. The move is expected to skyrocket sales and take the old JBoss product line to an undefeated presence in the middleware market.

    “Having boss as your brand is one thing. I like being the boss, but having Moss be the cornerstone of your brand turns a great team into an unbeatable one,” said Matthew Szulik, CEO of Red Hat. “The executive team, being Massachusetts natives, are all behind such a move,” said Paul Cormier, Executive VP of Engineering, “One of our engineers, Bill Burke, came up with the idea while watching our local football team embarrass an overrated opponent over the weekend. I thought it fit, so I passed the idea along to Matthew.” When Sacha Labourey, CTO of the JMoss division, heard that the rebranding was inspired by Masschusett’s american football team he said, “Us Europeans realize that american football is the best sport in the world and that soccer is for girly men, so I’m 100% behind the rebranding.”

    About Red Hat, Inc.

    Red Hat, the world’s leading open source solutions provider, is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with over 50 satellite offices spanning the globe. CIOs have ranked Red Hat first for value in Enterprise Software for four consecutive years in the CIO Insight Magazine Vendor Value study. Red Hat provides high-quality, affordable technology with its operating system platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, together with applications, management and Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions, including the JMoss Enterprise Middleware Suite. Red Hat also offers support, training and consulting services to its customers worldwide. Learn more:

    Edited 12/11: I can’t believe I have to say this, but a couple of people thought this entry was real.  GUYS, its just for fun!

    Brady or Manning?


    Its funny reading all these articles on, if you had the 1st pick in the draft and Manning and Brady were available, who would you pick? The answer becomes obvious if you think about it. How many times has Manning melted down in playoff games vs. Brady?


    • 2003 AFC Championship game. 3 Interceptions by Ty Law. Need I say more?
    • 2004 AFC Divisional game. 3 points? Even after you got the competition committee to change the rules? You suck Manning.
    • 1st half 2006 AFC Champinship game. Asante Samuel picks off Manning for a touchdown. Looked confused the entire half. Yeah, he had a great 2nd half, but how much of that was a patriots defense lacking its 2 starting safeties and a team that had the flu going around?


    • 2005 AFC Divisional against Denver. One loss for a team that didn’t have the talent to do a 3-peat.

    Everybody always wondered: what if Brady had the same receivers Manning did? Now we know. Considering only one receiver from 2006 is active from the Pats, Jabar Gaffney, and is a 4th stringer, also considering the Pats #1 receiver has been active on the Redskins a total of 1 game all year, just shows you how good Brady is. and how much better he makes everybody else around him is just astounding.

    Then there are the off-the-field intangibles. Manning is in a million commercials. Brady has done only a few, but even then he has had teammates with him to share the limelight (and I assume, the cash). Manning whines like a baby whenever he makes a mistake in a game. Sometimes even blaiming players other than himself. You won’t see Brady doing that. Finally, who can like somebody that is part of an organization that whines to the competition committee to get the rules changed because you got beat so bad in the AFC Championship game?

    Really, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s Colts-Pats match up. Good vs. Evil as some people in the media would like to portray it. Hopefully I won’t have to eat any crow over this email.

    Edited after game:  See?  Now Peyton knows how it feels to have no receivers and lose by 4 points in a playoff-like game to a team you should have beaten.

    Pats media conspiracy

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    Does anybody else think its fishy that 24 hours after the Boston Globe reported that the Patriots had cooperated with the NFL, given all tapes and notes, that the tapes had been destroyed, and case closed by the league office, there is no mention of the story on or’s web site?  I mean, usually these guys are on top of every story within seconds of it being released.  Maybe ESPN doesn’t want to report it because of this 5 day old bullshit story by Greg Easterbunnybrook saying Belichick won’t last the season is one of their highlighted stories. 

    No, I think the media doesn’t want the story to end.  Controversy sells, good positive news doesn’t.  That’s another thing I should have warned the patriots of in my last pats blog, the media will never ever have something good to say about you again.  And will focus on the negative, because it drives traffic to their sites or sells papers.

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