Does anybody else think its fishy that 24 hours after the Boston Globe reported that the Patriots had cooperated with the NFL, given all tapes and notes, that the tapes had been destroyed, and case closed by the league office, there is no mention of the story on or’s web site?  I mean, usually these guys are on top of every story within seconds of it being released.  Maybe ESPN doesn’t want to report it because of this 5 day old bullshit story by Greg Easterbunnybrook saying Belichick won’t last the season is one of their highlighted stories. 

No, I think the media doesn’t want the story to end.  Controversy sells, good positive news doesn’t.  That’s another thing I should have warned the patriots of in my last pats blog, the media will never ever have something good to say about you again.  And will focus on the negative, because it drives traffic to their sites or sells papers.