Its funny reading all these articles on, if you had the 1st pick in the draft and Manning and Brady were available, who would you pick? The answer becomes obvious if you think about it. How many times has Manning melted down in playoff games vs. Brady?


  • 2003 AFC Championship game. 3 Interceptions by Ty Law. Need I say more?
  • 2004 AFC Divisional game. 3 points? Even after you got the competition committee to change the rules? You suck Manning.
  • 1st half 2006 AFC Champinship game. Asante Samuel picks off Manning for a touchdown. Looked confused the entire half. Yeah, he had a great 2nd half, but how much of that was a patriots defense lacking its 2 starting safeties and a team that had the flu going around?


  • 2005 AFC Divisional against Denver. One loss for a team that didn’t have the talent to do a 3-peat.

Everybody always wondered: what if Brady had the same receivers Manning did? Now we know. Considering only one receiver from 2006 is active from the Pats, Jabar Gaffney, and is a 4th stringer, also considering the Pats #1 receiver has been active on the Redskins a total of 1 game all year, just shows you how good Brady is. and how much better he makes everybody else around him is just astounding.

Then there are the off-the-field intangibles. Manning is in a million commercials. Brady has done only a few, but even then he has had teammates with him to share the limelight (and I assume, the cash). Manning whines like a baby whenever he makes a mistake in a game. Sometimes even blaiming players other than himself. You won’t see Brady doing that. Finally, who can like somebody that is part of an organization that whines to the competition committee to get the rules changed because you got beat so bad in the AFC Championship game?

Really, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s Colts-Pats match up. Good vs. Evil as some people in the media would like to portray it. Hopefully I won’t have to eat any crow over this email.

Edited after game:  See?  Now Peyton knows how it feels to have no receivers and lose by 4 points in a playoff-like game to a team you should have beaten.