In this section I’ll talk about the work that had to be done inside of the house.

Our old system

Our old heating system had different forced-air ductwork than our cooling system.  The heating system used 1 oil burner with ductwork that went to both the 1st and 2nd floors coming up through vents in the floor.  The cooling system had an outside condenser that ran coolant through a pipe up to a blower in the attic.  The cooling system’s ductwork was separate from the heating and ran through our attic.

Our new system

For our Geo system, our guy decided to re-use the old heating ductwork to heat and cool the 1st floor.  The old heating ductwork for the 2nd floor was sealed off and not used.  The 1st floor ductwork was connected to a Water-to-Air ClimateMaster TTV064.  This unit was put in our basement where the old oil furnace was.

For the 2nd floor, the old cooling system’s attic ductwork was re-used.  A new blower was installed in the attic.  The coolant pipe used to connect the old blower to the outside condenser was also re-used and connected to a Water-to-Water ClimateMaster TTS038.  This unit was also put in our basement where our oil tank used to be.

Other work and Total Time

The attic ductwork was wrapped with additional insulation.  It also took some time to remove the oil tank, disessemble and remove the oil heater, old blower, and A/C condenser outside.  All and all, removing the old stuff and installing the new units took another 2 weeks beyond the drilling.