I find  it strange how Apache.org allows for competing projects as they don’t really position themselves as a Sourceforge or Google Code.  I know I’m pretty stupid for creating buzz about a competitor, but IBM and HP have launched a new JAX-RS effort at Apache.org.  The thing is, the Apache CXF project already has a pretty good certified JAX-RS implementation.  If I were Sergey or Dan I’d be pretty pissed.  This just solidifies my opinion that Apache.org is a horrible place to host an open source project or to build start an open source business.

Not only do you have to worry about some Apache bureaucrat pulling rank on you or disallowing you to commit too much work to a project, you also have to worry about sharing your already diluted brand with a  competing project.  With a competing project the “Apache” in front of your project’s name ceases to add any value to the uniqueness of your project.

BTW, I don’t mean to pick on IBM and HP.  I’m just annoyed at Apache.org.  While it may be a great place for big vendors to collaborate at a neutral site, Apache.org is just a horrible place for the little people of the world.

I also shouldn’t pick on Apache.org so much.  They are a good organization with a good message and good ideals.  I just want to encourage future OSS developers to try and go at things on their own.  Learn to promote their project on their own without relying on the Apache brand.  Its better for them in the long run.