I’ve been getting a lot of concern internally at Red Hat as I’ve been pushing for all our products and projects to have a RESTful interface.  Some scorn that there’s no way you can model such complex interactions with PUT, POST, GET, and DELETE.  Many see it as yet another bullshit rehash of distributed protocols.  This is what I promise them:

  • Simplicity
  • Low footprint requirements.
  • True interoperability.  (SOAP interoperability is a joke).
  • Flexibility.

If REST and our RESTful interfaces do not have these properties, then I’ve failed.  I really don’t care in the end if any of the architectural principles of Roy’s thesis are broken as long these requirements are met.  Pragmatism has to be the most important thing here.  We can’t fall into religious and academic debates on the purity of a distributed interface.