Well, if you’re a fan of the NFL you’ve probably heard about CameraGate. Another hero of mine taken down by cheating. So, I’m really conflicted within. A few weeks ago when I found out about the Harrison HGH scandal, I demanded the Patriots release him. Now that Belichick has been caught for cheating, should I be demanding he be fired by Kraft? Or should I rescind my Harrison request? This ESPN article gives a different perspective on things, especially the Zach Thomas story of him analyzing audio tape obtained from a mike on a defensive player to learn Brady’s audibles. (Pats lost that game 21-0). Another thing the ESPN article talked about was how the home team was allowed to have extra cameras on the sideline:

Home teams often place video cameras on the sideline to record the opposing team’s signals. The cameras are placed on the sideline under the guise that they provide extra game tape for the home team’s coaches. When road teams attempt to get credentials for their sideline cameramen, the applications are usually rejected.

Maybe Belichick’s rationalization is that this is an unfair advantage of the home team and that he should be allowed the same advantages. All this leaves me to believe that this has been blow way out of proportion. I hope we hear a good explanation from Belichick. We probably won’t though given how tight-lipped he is.

Now how about Rodney? Given the type of guy he is in the community and the team leader he is. I guess I have to forgive. Especially if I have to rationalize for Belichick’s actions.