A lot of fixes and changes as a result of trying to pass the JAX-RS 2.0 TCK.  Specifically, the TCK has become really strict.  Especially with the request matching algorithm which I talk about in this blog:


There were also some grey areas of the specification that the TCK now tests for.  Resteasy passed some, didn’t pass others, but at least now its consistent.  Also, I was going to write a ton of unit tests for the new client, filter, interceptor, and async apis, but the TCK already does a tremendous job in doing this.  I think you’ll see a great improvement in overall quality for the Resteasy 3.0-beta-6 release.

We still have about 2% of the tests failing due to challenges or bugs in the TCK.  Hopefully we’ll get those resolved soon and we can ship Resteasy 3.0 within the next month.

You know where to find everything!  http://jboss.org/resteasy