JAX-RS 2.0 is around the corner. We’re ironing things out in the JSR group and alpha implementations should be out soon along with the public draft. I talked to O’Reilly and the sales of my Restul Java book were good enough to justify a revision. So…

What do you want in Restful Java 2.0?

The obvious things are new spec features, specifically new chapters on:

  • Client API
  • Filters and Interceptors
  • Asynchronous HTTP

There’s a few other minor features that will be sprinkled about in existing chapters of the book.  We’ll also need to update the Java EE integration section as when the book was written, it hadn’t really be finalized yet.

For the filters and interceptors chapter, I was thinking about walking through (with code examples) the use cases that were the inspiration for these features in the spec.

For the asynchronous HTTP chapter, I was thinking of using/implementing  a slimmed down simple version of the HornetQ REST interface.  That way I can throw in bits about Atom as well as some useful restful patterns.

For security, I was thinking of talking a bit more about Resteasy’s S/MIME and DKIM support and how they fit into the security picture.  We could also talk about OAuth too.

What else?  Please comment.