Our first major release of 2010.  After a bunch of betas, I’m pleased to announce that RESTEasy 2.0.0.GA has been released.  A lot of work within the RESTEasy community has been done to improve on our last successful GA.  Follow the links from the RESTEasy website to download the new release.  Special thanks to Jozef Hartinger for the CDI integration, Eoghan Glynn for fixing a bunch of bugs, Stef Epardaud for the new Javascript client, and many others for their continuing support.  Some highlights:

  • CDI Support
  • Spring 3.0 Support
  • TCK 1.1 Compliance
  • Async Servlet 3.0 Support
  • A new Javascript API.  A javscript servlet scans JAX-RS deployments and generates Javascript code that can be downloaded that can be used as stubs.
  • Relicensed under ASL 2.0.  We switched to be compatible with HornetQ and Drools as we’re developing REST interfaces for these guys.
  • Tons of bugfixes and performance improvements reported by the community over the past 8 months.

Browse our release notes for the last few betas to look at all the bugs and features implemented.

The upcoming JBoss AS 6-Milestone 4 release will also have deeper integration with RESTEasy so that you can do automatic scanning, EJB injection, CDI injection, etc.  All the stuff you’d expect from a JAX-RS integrated EE 6 solution.