After a few months RESTEasy 1.2.GA is finally ready.  This is mostly a cleanup, bug fix, and refactoring release, but here are some features of note:

I’d also like to thank Attila Kiraly for fixing some bugs that cropped up in Multipart and XOP support.  Pascal de Kloe, a new committer, also helped refactor content negotiation to support charset variants.  Solomon Duskis continues to be a seasoned veteran and helps with bugs and features here and there.

What’s next?  I’d like to focus next on getting complete OAuth support in.  I think it will help out our REST-* efforts as we look to secure the services we’re defining there.  RESTEasy is also going to expand beyond a simple JAX-RS implementation.  As JBoss projects like HornetQ, jBPM, Drools, Transactions, and Infinispan obtain RESTful interfaces, I’ll be creating a REST profile under the RESTEasy umbrella.

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