RESTEasy 1.0-RC1 has just been released.  Please see our main project page and follow links to documentation and downloads.  Not much new functionality in this release.  After 77 days of waiting for Sun to allow us to download the JAX-RS TCK, I was able to pass all TCK tests after a fixing a few minor bugs.  1.0-RC1 reflects these changes.

Onward to 1.0 GA!

After a 2 week incubation of RC1, 1.0 GA will be released (sometime January 21st) and will be fully certified with Sun as a JAX-RS implementation.  I need your help finalizing the GA release! Specifically

  • I need existing RESTEasy users to upgrade and test their applications.
  • I need pointers on improving usability
  • Documentation improvements
  • Bugs reports and patches are always welcome too!

Since the window for the GA is only 2 weeks, there’s not a lot of features I can accomodate in the usability department, but I will try.