I’ve been excited for awhile now about going retro.  Going retro to the days of 3-tiered GUI applications and substituting VB+DCE/CORBA+DB with AJAX+REST+DB.  We got to talking about this quite extensively today in a Red Hat internal mailing list after the announcement of Red Hat’s participation in the Google GWT project.

One problem I had problems reconciling with was the search engine problem.  If your web application is rendered dynamically through AJAX and GWT-controlled pages how will a search engine index your site?  Michael Neale came to the rescue with:

If you want search engine crawling – then its not a web app, its a web site.

This statement is simple but profound.  It makes sense because a web app is highly interactive, dynamic, and usally un-indexable.  He’s on to something.  He talks a little more in detail about it here.  Thanks Mike!