Follow documentation and download links from our main project page.  View our full release notes from JIRA.  Special thanks goes out to Solomon Duskis for helping me nail down the Spring integration and for implementing the Spring MVC bridge.  This is a pretty extensive release with a lot of new features:

  • Asynchronous HTTP (Comet) support via Tomcat 6, JBoss Web, or Servlet 3.0 (Jetty 7).  This is a tiny, but simple abstraction over these APIs
  • Expanded Multipart support.  You can now marshal collections(Maps and Lists) of objects to and from multipart/mixed and multipart/form-data.
  • Atom + JAXB support.  I wrote a few JAXB annotated classes to represent the Atom format.  You can embed JAXB classes within Atom content as well as marshall Atom to and from XML, JSON, and Fastinfoset.
  • Atom support via Apache Abdera
  • Arrays and Collections of JAXB objects marshalled automatically.
  • Enhanced Spring support.  We now support autoproxied beans as well as some nice Spring MVC support and the ability to output ModelAndView objects.  Thanks Solomon!!!

This will hopefully be the last beta.  I’ve been waiting patiently (since October 1st) for Red Hat and Sun to hammer out the licensing terms so I can download the JAX-RS TCK and get RESTEasy certified.  I should be getting it any day now and so the next release of RESTEasy will be RC1 and certified.  I’m not sure how long the TCK will take as I don’t have my hands on it yet, but I’m hoping around 6-8 weeks.  Shortly after RC1 will be 1.0.