A lot of changes in this release.  The specification is basically done and going final any day now.  The spec lead just needs to finish the TCK and it will go to a vote with the JCP EC and become final.  We are up to date with the specification.  We have a lot more providers in this release.  YAML, JSON, to name a few.  The distribution now contains docbook generated documentation and a bunch of example apps so you can see RESTEasy in action.  I want to especially thank:

  • Ryan McDonnough, for his hard work on writing the JAXB+XML,  JAXB+JSON, and Multipart providers.
  • Olivier Brand, for his Spring/Hibernate/RESTEasy example application
  • Martin Algesten, for all his bug fixing, patching, and the YAML provider

One final thing,  The main project page has moved off of JBoss WIKI to jboss.org:


Have fun. The next release will be focusing on innovations, specifically:  Asynchronous JAX-RS, JAX-RS Messaging, Asynchronous HTTP, and HTTP Caching.