Customer bug fixes and new features in this release. We’ve implemented some JSON support after some users requested this feature. Using the Jettison Framework, you can use JAXB annotated classes and marshal them to and from JSON. A pretty cool framework and easily integrated into RESTEasy JAX-RS. The RESTEasy JAX-RS documentation has also been updated to reflect changes and functionality updates.

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Release Notes – Resteasy – Version Beta 5


  • [RESTEASY-47] – Autoscan thinks a Subresource is a root resource, result is error
  • [RESTEASY-50] – Client framework throws exception if anything other than OK is returned as a response code
  • [RESTEASY-53] – DELETE/POST with no entity returns 200 should return 204 (NO_CONTENT)

Feature Request

  • [RESTEASY-52] – JSON/JAXB and raw JSON @Provider support
  • [RESTEASY-54] – ClientResponse object for ClientFramework
  • [RESTEASY-55] – Allow return of Response.Status in client proxy framework
  • [RESTEASY-56] – Allow turning off of default built-in @Provider classes


  • [RESTEASY-49] – Support ExceptionHandlers
  • [RESTEASY-57] – resteasy.providers should not turn off builtin