I’m trying to release much earlier and more often. This release brings RESTEasy JAX-RS up to the current public draft of JAX-RS, JSR-311, minus a few methods that are being debated upon within specification. I didn’t want to implement something where the behavior is going to change. The RESTEasy JAX-RS documentation has also been updated to reflect changes and functionality updates.

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Release Notes – Resteasy – Version Beta4


  • [RESTEASY-28] – if a class or super class is annotated, then ignore any interface’s annotations
  • [RESTEASY-34] – Locator method and resource method with same URI does not dispatch
  • [RESTEASY-45] – You should be able to use multiple path params per uri segment
  • [RESTEASY-46] – Subresource class annotated via its interface does not work


  • [RESTEASY-3] – Implement UriInfo.getAncestorResources and UriInfo.getAncestorResourcesURIs
  • [RESTEASY-7] – Implement MessageBodyWorkers
  • [RESTEASY-21] – Support for @Path.encoded
  • [RESTEASY-22] – CacheControl marshalling/delegate
  • [RESTEASY-30] – Implement encoding in UriBuilder
  • [RESTEASY-32] – Implement @Encoded support
  • [RESTEASY-35] – Support for javax.security annotations
  • [RESTEASY-37] – Update API to Public Draft
  • [RESTEASY-38] – Implement UriBuilder.extension()
  • [RESTEASY-41] – Implement Httpheaders.getAcceptableLanguages() and getRequestHeader()
  • [RESTEASY-42] – Support for MediaType and Language file suffix extension mappings
  • [RESTEASY-43] – Test servlet init-param parsing of map extensions
  • [RESTEASY-44] – Support for ApplicationConfig