Recently, I was browsing around reading about the possible Yahoo! acquisition by Microsoft.  One Washington Post article in particular talked about how Zimbra customers are spooked by the acquisition.  Zimbra is a commercialized open source mail server distribution that competes with Microsoft Exchange.   This got me thinking, Andy Oliver must be really happy right about now as it creates a nice opening and opportunity for his company Buni.  Buni was originally the JBoss Mail project.  I remember Andy 2 years ago presenting his project and business opportunity to JBoss’s technical board of directors.  Back then, it was pretty impressive what he and his project contributors had accomplished.  Since then, Andy left Red Hat shortly after the acquisition to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions for his mail project after we failed to give him the support he needed to make it succeed at JBoss.  I can only imagine how much better his distribution has become since he was able to work on it full time.  I know they have some solid reference customers and a thriving community.