Maven would be cool if the plugins weren’t so god awful!  I mean, are these plugin developers idiots?  Do they even use their crap?  I just spent a good day trying to get the maven-ear-plugin to work only to give up and do an assembly, only to run into different problems there.  Beyond being totally unintuitive, these specific plugins have horrible horrible documentation.  Add to this fact that the assembly plugin doesn’t even check its syntax.  For example, I had <fileset> and didn’t know why the stupid plugin wasn’t creating the fileset in the jar.  Well, its because I didn’t capitalize the ‘S’  <fileSet>.  Of course no error message.  I had to ditch maven-ear-plugin because it didn’t correctly put transitive dependencies in the directory I wanted automatically.

I just can’t believe people haven’t cleaned up this shit.  Are people really using Maven?   I WANT to like Maven, I WANT to use Maven.  Its too bad its so freakin painful.